Top Native American Associations And Organizations To Support

September 23, 2020

Our List Of Top Native American Associations and Organizations To Support


With Indigenous People’s Day coming up on October 12th it’s a great time to consider ways that you can help the Native American community. Native Americans struggle with some of the most dire statistics in our country including rates of joblessness, high school completion, female victims of assault, lack of infrastructure, and much more. Supporting one of the organizations listed below – who are fighting every day to help Native Americans thrive – is a great place to start. This is our list of top Native American associations and organizations to support this Indigenous People’s Day.


1. American Indian Services

Obviously we have to start with ourselves, but only to let you know that AIS is an organization worthy of support. Our mission is to provide education to Native Americans in need through scholarships and programs while ensuring that their cultural values are preserved. We have top ratings on the charity watchdog sites Charity Navigator, Guidestar, and Great Nonprofits. We’ve been in service since 1971 and incorporated as a 501(c)(3) since 1981. And during that time we’ve served well over 30,000 students.

With thousands of Native American college students receiving our scholarships every year, and hundreds of middle schoolers attending our STEAM summer school, you can feel confident knowing that when you support American Indian Services you are shaping the future of Native American communities.

Donate to American Indian Services today


2. Protect Native Elders

We love this organization and their mission so much, we want to shout about them from the rooftops. Protect Native Elders was cofounded by three of our very own scholarship alumni, Tyrone Whitehorse, Ani Begay Auld, and Jo Overton. Their mission is to provide PPE and other critical supplies to tribes across Indian country in order to protect elders in communities that have been hit hard by COVID-19. Native elders are a vital resource in protecting Native American culture, so this cause is of special importance to the community. This organization is fighting the pandemic battle on the front lines in the communities that need help the most. If you are looking to help address the immediate needs of Native Americans, this is a great org to support.

Donate to Protect Native Elders


3. The National Congress of American Indians

For nearly eight decades the National Congress of American Indians has remained the unified voice of tribal nations. Founded in response to the emerging threat of termination, the founding members created an association that would prioritize unity among tribes for the security and protection of treaty and sovereign rights. To this day, protecting these inherent and legal rights remains the primary focus of NCAI, with a mission to: Protect and enhance treaty and sovereign rights; Secure traditional laws, cultures, and ways of life for Native American descendants; Promote a common understanding of the rightful place of tribes in the family of American governments; Improve the quality of life for Native communities and peoples.

Supporting NCAI is a top down approach to addressing Native American’s needs and issues. This is a great organization to support if you feel that your best means of doing so is by writing your government reps and getting involved in policy issues. NCAI will help keep you informed of what current initiatives will help Native Americans the most.

Membership for individuals without Native American ancestry


4. The National Center for American Indian Enterprise Development

The mission of the National Center for American Indian Enterprise Development is to develop and expand an American Indian Private sector which employs Indian labor, increases the number of viable tribal and individual Indian businesses, and positively impacts and involves reservation communities, by establishing business relationships between Indian enterprises and private industry. They achieve their mission by supplying assistance to Native owned businesses, providing training and resources for Native entrepreneurs, putting on events that advance economic development in Indian Country, and advocate for business development and expansion of opportunities on a domestic and global scale.

Joblessness is a longstanding problem for Native Americans, and this is due in no small part to the lack of industry on Indian reservations. By supporting Native owned businesses, NCAIED is helping to break the cycle of joblessness and poverty.

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