Required Documents

Required Documents

All required documents are due by the deadline. Late documents will not be accepted. Be sure to request your documents early to avoid missing the deadline.

• Photo of the Applicant – Photo needs to be recent. It does not have to be professional, but old, tattered, blurry photos, or a copy of your ID will NOT be accepted. The photo will be sent to potential donors who might fund your scholarship or for promotional material. Go here for tips on how to take a great applicant photo.

• Proof of Heritage – Proof of Heritage must show that you are at least one-quarter and enrolled in a Federally Recognized Tribe (some tribes require at least one-quarter to be enrolled so you would only need proof of enrollment if they do). If you are a descendant of an enrolled member with possession of at least one-fourth degree Indian blood, you will need to provide proof of enrollment for your relative as well as proof of relation. If your document does not show blood quantum, and your tribe does not require a certain amount to be enrolled, ask your tribal enrollment office for a statement or you can apply for a Certificate of Degree of Indian Blood from the BIA. Visit here to find out how to contact your tribe, apply for enrollment, and/or apply for a Certificate of Degree of Indian Blood.

• Official Tuition Billing Statement – The statement must reflect the term you are applying for and the tuition amount. If you are unable to get an official tuition statement or are not able to register yet, you may request a letter of estimated cost of tuition from your school stating your name, the term you are applying for and the estimated cost of tuition for however many credits you plan to take for that term. You may also submit a Financial Needs Analysis (FNA) form in place of a tuition statement. Be advised that FNA’s are for full-time status only. *We are now accepting tuition statements for the Academic Year.

• Current Transcript (can be unofficial) – DO NOT WAIT for final grades to be posted and request the most current transcript as of today. It needs to show cumulative GPA. High school or GED transcripts are acceptable for incoming freshman ONLY.

AIS Financial Needs Analysis Form

Sample Letter of Estimated Tuition

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