AIS Scholarship

*UPDATE: As of December 2020, we have updated our application software and scholarship page. Be sure to take a look around.


“Education is the key that will open the door of opportunity for the Native Americans.”
– Spencer W. Kimball


The AIS Scholarship program is to help undergraduate Native American students with financial support to attend college, maintain enrollment and graduate through scholarships. Awards are based on up to one-half of tuition and need for the term the student is applying for and are allocated directly to the school for the student. Students will need to have their own email account in order to apply.

Incomplete applications will not be processed. Late documents will not be accepted. Please allow 4 to 6 weeks AFTER the deadline for applications to be evaluated and updated online. If your application has been approved, your application status will be updated and you will receive an email. Students will be required to write a thank you letter if approved, which needs to be submitted by the specified deadline. Scholarship checks will be sent to the school after receipt of thank you letters.

*NEW starting Awards III 2021

Academic Year Awards

We will now include awarding for the academic year. This means you will only need to apply once a year under Award III for the academic year, which typically covers Fall to Spring/Winter or Fall to Summer, depending on your school calendar. Scholarship awards will be sent out before the start of each term.

Students will only need to apply each term if they are not attending the full academic year or switch schools during that time.

Blood Quantum No Longer Required

We have opened the blood quantum requirement to include all enrolled members, or a direct descendant of a base roll member, of a U.S. Federally Recognized Tribe. Proof of heritage is still required.

Policies and Procedures