Student Highlight June 2020

June 22, 2020

   Hello, my name is Bryann Rainbow. My Dakota name is Wambdi Oykan Wiyan (Pretty Eagle Woman). I am an enrolled member of Standing Rock Sioux Tribe. I am the daughter of BJ and Deanna Rainbow. I have one brother, his name is Bryson (13 years old) and one dog, Brycee.

   I am currently attending Nueta Hidatsa Sahnish College to complete general courses and Sustainable Energy Associates. Following the completion of these general courses, I will attend the University of North Dakota, where I will begin my major with an emphasis in Biology and go on to Medical School to pursue a career as an OB-GYN Doctor. As a student I have always been a very driven, determined individual. I take great pride in my academics and my success as a college student.  

   I have had the privilege of having positive and strong influences in my life. These individuals have contributed to my ability to stay focused. I come from a family of strong morals, this too keeps me grounded. I am strong willed, and, once I set a goal, I put my best foot forward to accomplish that goal.

   My overall career goal is to work with Native American women and families. This drive in becoming a Medical Doctor is based on the fact that I have long been dedicated and motivated to help people. Part of the main drive, for me, is knowing my dedication to helping Native American people will set a standard for other communities dealing with health disparities. I have always been attracted to the process and miracle of giving life. I love children, and I later found that I had a strong interest in childbirth. As I learned more about the childbirth process, I found an interest in Native American woman who are dealing with high risk pregnancy and do not having adequate services in our communities. It was then that I decided to work towards becoming the first Obstetrician Gynecologist in my family.

   I am very proud of who I am, where I come from, and what my family taught me about our traditional lifestyles. I try my best to be a good relative and practice our spirituality. I try to implement these teachings by providing people the same opportunity that I have been blessed with. Although I have a strong support system, to reach my specific academic goals, I need additional financial resources to make attending school sustainable. My goal is to attend the University of North Dakota following the completion of my general courses. Therefore, as I am very independent in my journey as a young adult, I will need to pursue my own means of financial sustainability.  I give my all with everything I do. I am grateful to have received this scholarship. I will use this opportunity to further my educational path.


Bryann Rainbow



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