Scholarships For Parents

August 17, 2020

Scholarships For Parents:

A list of funding resources for our students with children


Getting enough money together to fund your education can be a tough job. It’s made even harder when you have a family to support. We wanted to make it a little bit easier by putting together a list of scholarships for parents that you can apply for. We also listed scholarships for Native Americans so that you can cover all your bases.


Scholarships For Parents Who Are Single


BYU Marriott School Single Parent Scholarship

Students must be admitted to a BYU Marriott School program and have custody of dependent children. Application opens in December.

The Downer-Bennett scholarship

The Downer-Bennett scholarship is for single-parent students attending the University of New Mexico main campus. Eligible applicants must be a continuing undergraduate student, have a cumulative total of at least 12 UNM Main campus credits earned by the end of the fall semester, have a highly competitive cumulative UNM GPA, and enroll in/earn 12 credits each semester at the UNM Main campus for the upcoming academic year. For more information or to apply, please visit the scholarship provider’s website.


Scholarships For Parents Who Are Married


The Soroptomist Live Your Dream Award

The Soroptomist Live Your Dream Award is an education grant for women who are the primary financial support for their families and can demonstrate a financial need. Dependents can include children, spouse, partner, parents, and/or siblings.

Childcare Subsidies

Did you know that every U.S. state has childcare subsidies available for low income parents? We’re listing links to the childcare subsidies for the five states with the most AIS applicants here. But if your state isn’t listed below, here’s a list with links to every state’s resources.

Utah, Arizona. New Mexico. North Dakota, Washington


Scholarships For Native Americans


The American Indian Services Scholarship

Start by applying with us! We offer quarterly scholarships of up to $2,000 to Native American undergraduate students seeking their first degree. This includes professional and technical schools as well. Please check our website for requirements and follow us on social media for updates. Remember to apply throughout the year so that you never miss a chance to receive an award from us.

The American Indian College Fund

The College Fund offers two scholarships, the Full Circle Scholarship and the Tribal College and University Scholarship. The full Circle Scholarship is for students seeking undergraduate and graduate degrees. The application period is Jan 1st – May 31st. The TCU Scholarship is for students attending a tribal college and it has two application periods starting Jan 1st and Aug 1st. Deadlines vary by school.

Association on American Indian Affairs

This scholarship is for all Native Americans seeking an associate degree or higher. The application period is February 1st – May 31st.

The Bureau of Indian Education Higher Education Grant 

This grant is for all Native American students with a ¼ blood quantum or tribal membership with a tribe that is approved for assistance from the United States through the Bureau of Indian Affairs. The application is available through the education officer of your tribe. For more information call your tribe. A directory is available here.

Allogan Slagle Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship is for Native American students who are members of tribes that aren’t yet recognized by the federal government. To apply you’ll need to contact them by email or mail.


For some great advice on how to take a high quality applicant photo or write a winning bio letter, check out our FAQ page.


If you are a donor who would like to help fund a student-parent’s education, please visit our Donate page to make a donation today.




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