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June 18, 2019

Here are some common mistakes we see in photos that are sent in: old, blurry, pixelated or corrupted, tampered, photocopied, applicant’s face isn’t fully visible in the image, or the applicant is one of many people in the image (aka group images). If your image has one of those problems with it, it will be marked as “Unaccepted”. We require that the photo submitted with the application is a recent photo of the applicant, with the applicant’s face clear and visible. Because we use the images sent in with your application to send to our potential donors who might fund your scholarship, we need the photos to be recent and for the applicant’s to be facing the camera. Make sure your picture meets the requirements and you get it submitted by our deadline of MAY 1, 2019 for our Award II scholarship (for classes starting in July, August, or September).

Also, while we would prefer that you not send in a selfie, we will accept them if they don’t have a filter on them. Any Photo of the Applicant that we receive with floral crowns, hearts, dog ears, stars, or any other noticeable filter will be marked as unaccepted. While those filters are fun to post or send to friends, they are not acceptable to send to donors and therefore will be rejected.

If sending a selfie is your only option, here are some tips for taking a great selfie:

  1. Position yourself near a window for great indoor light
  2. If you’re taking the photo inside choose a neutral wall as your background
  3. For good outdoor light stand under a shady tree or take the photo early in the morning or late in the afternoon, when the sun is closer to the horizon but not yet set
  4. Make sure the sun or lighting comes from in front or to the side of your face, not from behind
  5. Choose to be sitting or standing, make sure to straighten your back and look eye level into the camera
  6. Set the photo timer on your camera, prop your phone up on a table, and take a step back so it looks like someone else took the photo
  7. Most importantly, be comfortable and smile!

What not to do when taking a selfie:

  2. Avoid bathroom selfies, mirror selfies, car selfies, and gym selfies
  3. Don’t hold the camera below eye level
  4. Don’t use flash – it gives a harsh look to your photo


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