July Newsletter Student Highlights

July 20, 2020

American Indian Services Scholarship Recipient Highlights

Thalia Dubois Headshot

Thalia Dubois, Chippewa

Radiologic Technology
Minot State University

Thalia is a member of the Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa and lives in Dunseith, ND. She works as a cashier and babysitter and helps care for her 5 younger siblings. Thalia graduated high school early with 9 college credits already completed. Her college credits a nursing course and a CPR course. Thalia’s desire to pursue a career in medicine was inspired by her grandfather who has had cancer. He to travel four hours outside of their town for his checkups and treatments due to their community hospital being understaffed. She hopes to spare others this difficulty.

Montgomery Brown headshot

Montgomery Brown, Standing Rock Sioux

Native American Studies & Criminal Justice
Sitting Bull College

Montgomery is from Wakpala, SD. His goal is to one day become a lawyer so that he can help represent Native peoples as they pursue treaty rights, water rights, sovereignty, and other issues. His mission is to help tribes become self-sustainable. Montgomery is a U.S. Navy veteran where he served four years as a combat medic. He has volunteered with veterans groups, and is an activist for indigenous causes. Through his work as a veteran volunteer he formed a construction company that helps with various projects throughout his community.

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