Why Donate?

Give the Gift of Education

Education is the foundation that can begin to resolve even the most challenging issues. Living conditions on many Native American reservations are comparable to third-world countries. Employment rates, education attainment, and income are among the lowest in the nation. Many households live without necessities such as electricity and clean water. Illnesses such as diabetes and alcoholism run rampant.

By providing education funding to these areas and peoples, our goal is for Native Americans to be able to provide much needed support to their local community, which will create positive change for all future generations while allowing them to preserve their culture.

If you would like to donate to a specific program or in someone’s name, please make note of it in the Comments on the donation form. Thank you for your support!

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All our administrative expenses are generously covered by board members. This means that 100% of your tax-deductible donation is used to fund scholarships or educational programs for Native Americans.

We’re an established charity with decades of experience. AIS and our Director Emeritus Dale Tingey have been consistently recognized as one of the leading forces in Utah that are working locally and nationally to aid Native Americans in need who are seeking to better their situation. Your donation is essential in allowing us to continue with this important work.

Director Emeritus Dale Tingey with Governor Herbert at the AIS St. George fundraising golf tournament

iSci – Blanding instructor Chris Capitan