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26th of August 2020

Scholarships For STEM Majors

  Scholarships For STEM Majors We love our STEM majors at American Indian Services, and we have a lot of them. 49% of our students are majoring in STEM related […]

18th of August 2020

How To Apply For Scholarships Like A Machine

How To Apply For Scholarships Like A Machine Applying for scholarships can feel like a huge, overwhelming task. You have to fill out a bunch of forms, gather financial documents, […]

17th of August 2020

Scholarships For Parents

Scholarships For Parents: A list of funding resources for our students with children   Getting enough money together to fund your education can be a tough job. It’s made even […]

13th of August 2020

Scholarships For Women

  Scholarships For Women: A list of funding resources for our female students At American Indian Services we award scholarships for women at a higher rate than we do men. […]

22nd of August 2019

Tips For Writing Thank You Letters

We know better than anyone how difficult it can be to adequately express gratitude to the generous donors who make our scholarships and programs possible, so we wanted to give […]

19th of June 2019

Required Documents Checklist

Trying to remember everything you need to do to apply for our scholarship? Here’s a checklist of the requirements you’ll need to complete and turn in before the deadline. If […]

Tuition Billing Statement

First, let’s talk about what your tuition billing statement is. It’s a statement that reflects your tuition FOR THE SEMESTER YOU ARE APPLYING FOR. This is where we see a […]


We have student’s from all walks of life applying for our scholarship; from soon-to-be high school graduates to returning students continuing to finish their degree after 10 years, and all […]


We get so many questions about what exactly is required for those reapplying for AIS. There are four things that are required: – Online Application – Official Tuition Billing Statement […]

18th of June 2019

Photo Of Applicant

Here are some common mistakes we see in photos that are sent in: old, blurry, pixelated or corrupted, tampered, photocopied, applicant’s face isn’t fully visible in the image, or the […]