Tips For Writing Thank You Letters


22nd of August 2019

Tips For Writing Thank You Letters

We know better than anyone how difficult it can be to adequately express gratitude to the generous donors who make our scholarships and programs possible, so we wanted to give you a few suggestions to help you brainstorm: 1) State the purpose of your letter. 2) Tell the donor about yourself. (your tribe, where you […]

19th of June 2019

Required Documents Checklist

*We no longer require a FAFSA Trying to remember everything you need to do to apply for our scholarship? Here’s a checklist of the requirements you’ll need to complete and turn in before the deadline. If you’ve checked off all these items, but your online profile is not reflecting it, DON’T WORRY (and there’s no […]

Requirements To Apply

First time and re-applicants must fill out an online application as well as submitting all the required documents by the deadline for each award period. First time applicants must turn in a recent/clear photo of themselves, a one page letter about themselves, a copy of their proof of heritage, an official tuition billing statement, and […]

Tuition Billing Statement

First, let’s talk about what your tuition billing statement is. It’s a statement that reflects your tuition FOR THE SEMESTER YOU ARE APPLYING FOR. This is where we see a lot of documents get rejected – students don’t realize that the tuition balance they’re sending in, or the tuition that your financial aid office reported […]


We have student’s from all walks of life applying for our scholarship; from soon-to-be high school graduates to returning students continuing to finish their degree after 10 years and all the in-between’s. In order to qualify for our scholarship you must turn in an OFFICIAL transcript. Do not turn in a copy of your transcript […]


We get so many questions about what exactly is required for those reapplying for AIS. There are four things that are required: – Online Application – Official Tuition Billing Statement – Biographical Letter – Official Transcript Here’s the thing. If you received an award from us previously, turned in a biographical letter and official transcript, […]

18th of June 2019

Photo Of Applicant

Here are some common mistakes we see in photos that are sent in: old, blurry, pixelated or corrupted, tampered, photocopied, applicant’s face isn’t fully visible in the image, or the applicant is one of many people in the image (aka group images). If your image has one of those problems with it, it will be […]

Applying Each Semester

If you are attending school year round, guess what? We can fund you for every term you attend! We offer four scholarship awards every year. Our Award I is for terms that start in April, May or June; Award II is for terms starting in July, August or September; Award III is for terms that […]

29th of April 2019

Student FAQs – How To Write A Great Bio Letter

One of the most commonly unaccepted documents we receive from our scholarship applicants is the biographical letter. The biographical letter is a letter about yourself, so please specify your tribe, where you are from, the school you are attending, and your area of study. Tell us about any challenges you’ve overcome and why you need […]