An AIS PREP Success Story

October 8, 2018

We recently received a wonderful message about one of AIS PREP’s 2017 graduates, Kaleia, from her mother Stephenie who said, “Great news with Kaleia. She is a sophomore and got accepted to McKinley Academy, which is a dual credit program, and she should be graduating with her high school diploma and an associates degree. Her most exciting news she learned yesterday, she’s not taking high school math; she was put in a college math course! She was so proud. Thank you for all you guys did for her!”

Kaleia is a member of the Zuni Pueblo tribe in New Mexico. For six weeks every summer, for the three years before she entered high school, Kaleia traveled to Blanding, Utah from New Mexico so that she could attend AIS PREP. Her hard work and success are so inspiring and we are so proud of her. Keep earning those gains on the track and in the classroom Kaleia!



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