October 22, 2020

American Indian Charities Providing COVID-19 Support


American Indian charities are integral in the fight to protect and support Native Americans across the country. As the coronavirus pandemic spreads rapidly throughout Native American communities, external support is needed now more than ever. Below is a list of American Indian Charities that are working overtime to ensure the safety and wellbeing of Native Americans during the COVID-19 pandemic.


American Indian Services (AIS)

American Indian Services

The primary function of AIS is to provide scholarships and education to Native Americans. However, during these unprecedented times, AIS is allocating resources to provide food and supplies to struggling communities impacted by the pandemic. To date, AIS has provided over 160,000 pounds of nonperishable goods to families in Kayenta-New Mexico, Chinle-Arizona, Fort Defiance-Arizona, Tuba City-Arizona, and Monument Valley-Utah. With continued support from donors, AIS will be able to further provide vital resources to Native Americans in need. A small donation of $15 can feed an individual for 1 week and $50 will provide food for 4 weeks. A generous donation of $250 will feed a family of 5 for a month. Donate here to the AIS coronavirus relief fund.


Partnership with Native Americans (PWNA)

Partnership With Native Americans

Because many Native American reservations have travel restrictions in place during the pandemic, PWNA is doing everything in its power to support individuals and communities in isolated areas affected by COVID-19. They are currently responding to a high daily volume of requests from reservation partners for essentials such as food, water, and other medical necessities needed to overcome the coronavirus pandemic. PWNA focuses on geographically isolated Native American communities and provides short and long-term services to 60 reservations in 12 states. Their mission is “Serving immediate needs. Supporting long-term solutions” with a vision of “Strong, self-sufficient Native American communities.” They are currently magnifying their impact in order to support reservations heavily affected by COVID-19.

Donate now to make a contribution to PWNA.


First Nations

First Nations

First Nations is striving to minimize the impact COVID-19 has on American Indian, Alaska Native, and Native Hawaiian communities. The non-profit created a COVID-19 emergency relief fund and is distributing resources to high concentration areas in California, New Mexico, the Pacific Northwest, New York, Navajo Nation, and Hopi Tribes that are currently experiencing spikes in coronavirus cases. Donate here, as 100% of donations to their COVID-19 emergency relief fund are passed through without any agency cost, meaning the entire amount donated will directly benefit Native Americans in need.


Community Outreach and Patient Empowerment Program (COPE)


COPE is a non-profit in conjunction with the Navajo Nation Community Health Representative Outreach Program that is working to help individuals with chronic diseases in Navajo communities. Currently, they are working to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic that has disproportionately affected individuals within the Navajo Nation. They are providing quarantine shelters for those with positive test results as well as providing supplies and care in order to better mitigate the spread of the virus. We are able to directly purchase items to aid in their cause here or make a direct donation to the organization here.


Center for American Indian Health

Center for American Indian Health

The Center for American Indian Health is an American Indian Charity that works with Johns Hopkins University to provide service and aid for Native Americans nationwide. Their current COVID-19 relief programs are working overtime to help as many individuals they possibly can. They have repurposed their mobile food truck to now deliver supplies to those in need. They also have a team of volunteers in Baltimore, MD that is making masks and face shields for community members in Whiteriver, Chinle, and Tuba City, AZ, the Navajo Nation, and Shiprock, NM. Donate here to support their cause.


Every Donation Counts

Many American Indian charities are working hard to combat the negative effects the coronavirus is having on Native American communities. Each donation, no matter how small, leaves a lasting positive impact on those affected. Consider donating today.




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