“You couldn’t pick a better cause. Every little bit that anyone can contribute, I can tell you that one hundred percent of it goes to help those students. These are a magnificent people, a very bright people, they just need a chance.”

Johnny Miller

“American Indians are not ignorant people. These are a people who have not had opportunity. Only when they are educated can they themselves provide the goods and services they and their families need.”

Steve Young

Past Recipients

“I did not have a GI Bill because I never paid into it. I had to use personal finances and earn a high GPA to earn scholarships along the way to afford my education, and for at least one semester I received financial assistance from AIS. I appreciate that support during that time, and I am indebted to the donors who helped me reach my goals in education. Currently I serve as the Veterans Resource Center Manager at UNM Gallup, and I have experience as a Writing Tutor, and as an Adjunct Faculty Instructor here at UNM Gallup. I have also taught at Central New Mexico College in Albuquerque. Education has enabled me to help others.”

Nick Brokeshoulder, Hopi, University of New Mexico

“Achieving and continuing my education is only possible with the support of scholarships from organizations such as American Indian Services. Scholarships reduce the financial burden of pursuing higher education and increase my ability to participate in mentorship programs and other university service work. Much of my professional work is within Indian Country and my current research remains focused on improving disparities and economic development within Native communities. I am fortunate and thankful to receive continued funding from scholarship organizations such as American Indian Services.”

Cheryl Ellenwood, Nez Perce and Navajo, University of Arizona

“I would like to thank AIS for giving me assistance in helping me obtain my Bachelor’s degree from Northern Arizona University. After graduating in May of 2009 I have worked with the Department of Child Safety. The units I have had the privilege of working in as a case manager are the on-going, permanency, adoptions, and the Indian Child Welfare Act unit. My education has taught me the foundation of how to assist and work with individuals in need, as well as provided me with the patience and knowledge needed to work in a family centered practice that provides families with the resources to ensure their children’s safety and well-being.”

Jophina Joe, Navajo, Northern Arizona University

“I believe that education is a vital resource in sustaining our communities and our environment. After I have completed my degree I plan to come back to my community and, through writing, capture the strength and endurance of the people of San Felipe.”

Megan Aguilar, Pueblo, University of New Mexico, Multimedia Journalism major

“I have lofty goals of pursuing a career in the performing arts. I’m excited to provide an example for others who may be pursuing an unconventional dream.”

Desmond Montoya, Hopi, University of Alabama

“The scholarship assistance while attending Diné College will greatly help with expenses and I believe through obtaining my degree I can be a part of obtaining new successes for the Native American community.”

Felicia Adams, Navajo, Diné College, Business Administration major