Board & Staff

Keith Buswell
Board President

Sylvia McMillan, PhD
Executive Director

Ken Woolley
Board Vice President and Treasurer

Jay L. Brasher
Board Member and Fundraising Committee Chairman

Mark Bouchard
Board Member

Laura Larkin
Board Member, Oneida

Kathleen Nilsen
Board Member

Gordon F. Ostler
Board Member

Darren Parry
Board Member, Chairman of the Northwestern Band of the Shoshone Nation

Austin Tsosie
Board Member, Navajo

Harding H. Walker
Board Member, Zuni Pueblo

Gary Winterton
Board Member

Margaret Busse
Board Member

Todd Miller
Fundraising Committee Member

Dale T. Tingey, PhD
Founding Director (Emeritus)

Roland Denny
Director of Business Development and Native American Affairs, Navajo

Ireen Ka’anapu
Office Manager & Scholarship Director

Dori Stone
Finance Manager

Shelby Chapoose Goble
Administrative Assistant, Ute

Victoria Mesa
Scholarship Assistant, Sioux