About AIS

Our Mission

The mission of AIS has been a simple one: to create programs and generate funding that will help Native Americans receive a quality education, while still preserving their culture and honoring their heritage. In fact, AIS believes that it is through education that Native Americans will be able to protect their history. Our goal and hope is that as Natives achieve individual success they’ll be better able to provide support for their communities and positive change for future generations.

AIS is a non-profit charity located in Salt Lake City. Something that sets us apart from many other non-profits is that all of our administrative expenses are covered by our generous board members. This means that every donation we receive goes directly to a Native American seeking an education.


AIS Scholarship – AIS provides undergraduate Native American students with financial support to attend college, maintain enrollment and graduate. Awards are based on up to one-half of tuition and need for the semester and are allocated directly to the school for the student.

AIS PREP – In partnership with Utah State University, AIS established a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math) Program for 7th-8th grade students in Blanding Utah, which was started in 2015. This 6-weeks, 3-summers long program is meant to prepare students for advanced high school courses, and inspire them to continue on to become college graduates. The AIS PREP program has since then expanded to include a site in Tuba City Arizona and Gallup New Mexico.

AIS Literacy – In partnership with the Ken Garff Success in education “Road to Success” program, AIS helps provide literacy programs in 11 predominantly Native American schools to help students increase their progress in reading, in an effort to combat the high dropout rate of children between K-12th grades.

AIS Mentoring – In partnership with the San Juan Foundation, AIS helps provide mentoring programs for K-12th grade students at under-performing schools on or near the reservation.