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  Native Americans are struggling to create new better prospects for their people. Since 1958, AIS has designed many valuable programs which assist them towards self-sufficiency and building better communities. Chief among these is providing scholarships for needy Native Americans to attend colleges and vocational schools. There are many bright young students from various tribes who qualify academically for a college education. Yet, after high school, they have no means to pay college tuition.

  Over the last forty years, AIS has made it possible for thousands of Native Americans to attend college, obtain degrees and, in turn, provide needed support in their communities. But there are so many more who need help. Please take time to browse through the site and learn more about how AIS is making a difference.

Education is the permanent solution that benefits both the individual and the community. As doctors, educators, nurses, lawyers, entrepreneurs, social workers, business people, and computer specialists, Native Americans are in a position to become productive individuals, to support their families, and to help their communities maintain and build on their Native American cultural heritage.
AIS has found that the most successful formula is for students to earn half of their own tuition. Then AIS provides a scholarship for the other half. Overhead expenses for the foundation are minimal and lean, and they are all being paid by independent sources. This means that 100% of your contribution goes directly to provide scholarships. Education is truly the gift that keeps on giving. There is no end to the good your contribution will and for generations to come. Thank you.
Steve Young, San Francisco 49ers (retired)